What a Ministerial Studies Program Does for Your Professional Ministry

The ministerial studies program at Global University prepares you to be an ordained minister. If you’re not sure you want to be a minister but feel called to explore that avenue of Christian leadership, you can earn a diploma or certificate. More intensive educational degrees include a Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies or a doctor of ministry.

Today’s blog from Global University talks about what our ministerial studies program does for your professional ministry.

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Refines Your Role

A diploma or certificate in ministerial studies shows that you’re interested in some aspect of church leadership. Perhaps you want to be a lay leader, meaning you don’t yet want to explore becoming an ordained minister for an entire church. Lay leaders play vital roles in the Assemblies of God, such as teaching Sunday school, helping with church services, and assisting ordained ministers with vital tasks.

Teaches You How to Serve

Ministerial studies teach you how to serve as a Christian. For example, the fundamentals of all ministering work start with using scriptural examples to form a relationship with people you counsel as part of your ministry. 

Counseling is a one-on-one relationship with the people you encounter as a minister. Mass communication through the use of homilies and sermons is another form of ministry. You’ll learn how to preach through the ministerial studies program at Global University. 

Conflicts will arise among church leaders, lay leaders, and congregants. Part of your ministerial studies work will include how to manage conflicts in a biblical manner that’s pleasing to God.

Solidifies Your Education

Our ministerial studies program in Berean School of the Bible prepares you for ordination in the Assemblies of God. This advanced degree will show your flock that you’re capable of leading a church. The depth of knowledge you develop while earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree will help you to teach and minister to the people in your community. You can see the full range of classes in our Berean School of the Bible Course Catalog.

God put this purpose in your heart, and your degree shows how you followed His will. It’s our hope that your degree moves you to action as we work to seek the lost and train the found.

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Ministerial Studies at Global University

Do you feel drawn to ministerial studies as a way to fulfill God’s purpose in your life? Find out what you can learn through our program at Berean School of the Bible. Reach out to Global University today, and we’ll be in touch!