What is a Master of Divinity Degree? Global University Answers

The spiritually curious and academically inclined can hope to find a lot of fulfillment in completing their master of divinity as one of the degree programs in the Graduate School of Theology.


In today’s post, Global University explains what a master of divinity degree is and answers the most common questions about our Christian MDiv program.


What is the Focus of a Master of Divinity?

The master of divinity program focuses on the intensive study of the Bible to give students an understanding of Christian history, biblical writings, and scriptural interpretation. An MDiv offers foundational knowledge of apologetics, discipleship, and church history.


What is Divinity?

Divinity references the quality or nature of God’s being. The study of divinity implies the study of all things that come from God.


What is Theology?

Theology is the general study of religions, deities, and religious beliefs and practices. The study of theology is the study of God based upon cultural, social, and spiritually-formed beliefs.


What Program Tracks Are Available for the MDiv?


Biblical Language 

This track relies heavily on theory formation and scriptural analysis.


Christian Ministry

This track involves slightly less theory but more practical implementation.


What is the Master of Divinity Curriculum Like?

Each course track involves credit hours in a biblical study that covers the New Testament and the Old Testament.


Ministerial studies involve 6 credit hours in each of the following course categories: education, leadership, ministries, and missions.


General education covers the historical relevance of the Bible and Christianity, as well as research on Biblical and Christian principles and practices.

Leadership involves learning about the biblical foundations of Christian leadership and any additional course from the leadership division.


Education includes learning about teaching strategies and methodologies that tie into foundational scriptural knowledge.


Missions courses cover the theological underpinnings of missions, as well as an additional missionary course, such as cross-cultural communications.


The program offers a thesis option and a non-thesis option. For the latter, you’ll need 9 credit hours in any general elective coursework. For those who pursue a thesis, 9 hours will go toward completing the thesis and learning research methodologies.


Coursework Involved with an MDiv Program

Coursework in a master of divinity program centers on research and analysis of Scripture. More information can be found by exploring our curriculum.


Jobs for a Master of Divinity Degree

Many students wonder about their job prospects or opportunities after completing a degree. Not only are students prepared for application into a PhD of divinity or theology program, the program deliberately prepares students to become pastors and ministers.


A master of divinity degree, however, can give way to other exciting job opportunities:


  • Counselor
  • Teacher
  • Author
  • Missionary
  • Speaker
  • Professor
  • Chaplain

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