How Often Should Your Global University Study Group Meet?

A study group through Global University is sponsored by a local church or other approved group. These groups are held at the church with a local facilitator and are designed to further your studies. But how often should your study group meet? Global University discusses this in today’s blog. 

Who Is a Study Group For? 

Global University study groups are available only to students enrolled in the School for Evangelism and Discipleship, Berean School of the Bible, and/or undergraduate or graduate-level courses. 

Someone from a local congregation facilitates a study group with in-person meetings, when possible. The facilitator provides prepared objectives, interactive questions, and other materials, guiding you through your course materials. If you have any questions about study groups, please contact us here

How Often Should You Meet? 

Your classmates and the facilitator will be excellent barometers of the number of times to meet. This can vary depending upon the course requirements in front of you. There will be some chapters or projects that will be easier to understand than others. Therefore, the number of times to meet will fluctuate. If you are unsure about this, we recommend you contact your facilitator for clarification. We also offer FAQs for your convenience. 

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Course Materials and Discussions

Course materials and discussions will be determined by your facilitator. These will be based upon your learning objectives, as well as general assignments and projects. Here are some study tips to help you excel toward your degree and a great understanding of His word. 

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Length of Study Session 

As a general rule of thumb, study sessions are usually scheduled for one hour. However, if there is a special project or a particularly difficult lesson your group is studying, the session could go longer. Your facilitator will determine this based upon how he/she believes the group is understanding the material. Perhaps your study group travels from a long distance. Your facilitator may choose to meet longer if it’s difficult for your group to get together due to the distance involved.

If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to your facilitator for answers. If you do not have your facilitator’s contact information, email questions to our Study Group administrators. 

Study Groups from Global University

Global University offers comprehensive biblical and theological studies for students who want to further their education and obtain a deeper understanding of their relationship to God. We help you achieve this through successful classroom teaching and study groups. Reach out to Global University today for more information.